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Cara Pembayaran

Author: man_spaq // Category:
1 - Serious buyers need to email me at spa_q03@yahoo.com. Provide me with or kindly fill up the form below ya :-

* >>> Name:
* >>> Phone Number :
* >>> Email:
* >>> Product Name:
* >>> Colour : (if applicable)
* >>> Payment : Pos Laju / Pos Berdaftar / C.O.D
* >>> Address

2 - Wait for my confirmation,I will check for the stocks availability first. Once stocks is available, i'll inform via sms/email and bank in the total amount (inclusive of postage charges) to my account.

3 - Email the bank-in slip to (spa_q03@yahoo.com) or sms to (+6016-34305788) your name, date, time & amount that is stated in the bank-in slip to us for verification.

4 - Delivery will be made within 1-2 working days upon receipt of payment.

5 - For items below 1 kg, postage charges are as follows:

Poslaju only :
Peninsular Malaysia: RM 6.00
Sabah and Sarawak: RM 9.00

*Note: Postage charges will be determined by the weight of your items and range between :
RM6 - RM20 (within Malaysia)

** Other than Malaysia, postage charges will be advised upon confirmation of delivery address.

6 - All payment must be made to my account either by transfer or cash deposit.
~CIMB Account Number:

7 - Once you have received the goods, kindly send an email/sms to notify me. If i do not hear from you within 7 days, i will assume that you have already received the goods.

* Please note that items are not exchangeable nor refundable.

** Items from Mobile9shop are new and in excellent condition unless stated. Unfortunately, i cannot be liable or responsible for goods getting lost or damaged in the post.

*** I will send you the postal tracking number for you to track your package.

For any enquiry, do contact me:

H/P : 016 - 343 5788
Email: spa_q03@yahoo.com
YM : dewa_jalanraya

~~~By ordering from Mobile9Shop, you agreed with the terms & conditions stated. Thank you and Happy Shopping!!